K Devadas

Presently K Devadas is serving as the Corporator of the BTM Layout Ward, BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike), which lies in BTM Layout Assembly Constituency. He has also served as a Chairman for Major Public Works, BBMP. His story, an inspiration to all, represents the dreams and aspirations of every average Indian. His values from his humble beginnings, a reputed and a well-knit family, exceptional hard work and a socially conscious mindset have conditioned him to dedicate his life to the society.

Realising that his contribution to the country will begin from working within the local community, Devadas began his social activism in early June 1995. With P Kaverappa as his father and Muniyellamma, his beloved mother, K Devadas was born in the month of April 1962. He was raised in a warm and happy home in Bangalore in BTM Layout, which was then called NS Palya village. After working his way through early years of experience, K Devadas began his political career, where he worked with as a social activist to help rebuild underdeveloped communities in BTM Layout and surrounding Areas. Supporting his Vision, when BTM was included in Bangalore City, then BMP (Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) limits, in the year 1996, His beloved wife Vasantha Devadas contested in a Ladies reservation opportunity and won the BMP Elections to serve the people of then BTM Layout Ward old No.65 (which consist of BTM Layout and Old Madivala area). Between Devadas and his esteemed spouse, Vasantha Devadas, they went on to win three terms and their constant re-election is testimonial to their hard work and dedication to the people of BTM, where his wife became the first Corporator of BTM Layout Ward after it was included in Bangalore City, then BMP limits, in the year 1996. Mr. K Devadas elected as corporator of BTM Layout, in the year 2001.Presently he was elected again as a corporator of BTM Layout Ward BBMP Election in the year 2015.

Devadas’ years of public service are based around his unwavering two-point agenda. His objectives are to build a Clean BTM and to build a self-sustaining Green BTM. His objectives coupled with an extended vision and high standards of performance that he’s set for himself, help him position himself as the best leader in the BTM Layout area.